Monday, March 24, 2008

Two new layouts.

Today I finished two new layouts. I really had fun making them.

I used a transparancy from ColorsConspiracy that I bought at the Scrap-a-licious weekend. They have such nice transparancies!! The patterned paper is from KI memories and the rubons from Hambly. I used a large photo of our lovely cat Misty. She really is the nicest cat ever! She used to live across the street but that lady wasn't at home a lot and so she came over to us. We found out that she actually had a home about 6 months later, until then we thought somebody had put her out on the street during Fall vacation. Then one day I happened to hear the lady calling OUR cat Lotje and I saw that OUR cat went inside her house. So I went over there and that's when I found out that this lady just had taken over Lotje alias Misty from her friend maybe 2 weeks before she came to live with us. Because she had to work a lot (she had day and night shifts) and Lotje made a mess of her house she left her outside. Although Lotje/Misty likes to be outside a lot, she also likes to be inside a warm and comfortable home. That's what she found at our home and so the lady decided to give her to us.

The second layout is made with patterned papers from Scenic Route. The thickers are from American Crafts, the rub-on letters and the leather photo corners are from Making Memories.
I love how this layout turned out. I was just fooling around a bit.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The many faces off

Finished another Scrap-a-licious project (workshop Corinne) with colored paperbags and transparancies from ColorsConspiracy (love them!) and Hambly.
The cover is made with chipboard and thick wallpaper which we had to color with alcohol ink.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finished 2 other workshop layouts!

I have just finished 2 other layouts which I started at the Scrap-a-licious weekend. They were both workshops from Celine. I'm not that fond about the Malbosc layout. I think I should have used another photo but I show it to you anyway.

I love the paper from the other layout: This is me. It's from American Crafts.
Okay, now I'm going to finish another project (Corinne's) with transparancies from ColorsConspiracy and colored paper bags. It's already starting to look great! Very colorful.

Childhood album

Yesterday I finished the Childhood album which was one of Celine's workshops at the Scrap-a-licious weekend. I had a lot of fun making it. Of course I used the techniques Celine taught us and also added some of my own. Because I don't have the cute cloud stamps I draw some my self on white paper and cut them out. Then I made a stamp with foam for the blue clouds you can see on page 2. All of the small blue dots are made with that bubbly protection plastic.

I also finished the wooden album which was one of Corinne's workshops. I can't show it to you yet because it has to be published first (Corinne's that is!). Mine looks very cute too though!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally ....

... we have a connection with the internet again!! It lasted exactly 7 weeks! Somebody called me today from Orange and about 10 minutes later the problem was solved. I could have done it myself if I knew anything about computers. Really it was so easy to solve and I don't understand why somebody at the helpdesk couldn't have helped me. The problem was that the LAN connection was set on off (how did that happen??) and I just had to click on it to turn it on again.

I finished a few of the Scrap-a-licious projects that I will be sharing with you after I have taken some pictures off them. Have patience because I have to wait for some better light. It's raining cats and dogs over here!
Happy Easter!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Celine Navarro!!!

I hope you have a nice day with lots of nice presents. Have fun!!

I made you this layout with paper and stuff from the scrap-a-licious workshops and some stuff from my own stash. As you can see I continue to use some of the techniques you teached us all. Thanks for the inspiring workshops!

Scrap-a-licious weekend

Although we still don' t have an internet connection :( !!!! I can share some pictures with you from the scrap-a-licious weekend in Utrecht on the 8th and 9th March.

I went there with Heidi, my best scrapfriend. Actually I already went to Utrecht on Friday the 7th with my son. As you know his dad lives in Utrecht and I arranged that Zander could stay with him for the weekend.

The workshops were awesome!! Both Celine and Corinne prepared some lovely and exciting projects for us. I used some techniques I normally don' t use because I' m afraid to blow the layout. So, I have learned to let go of this fear!

After the first 3 workshops we had a great diner. Everything tasted delicious!

On Saturday evening we had a crop with a lottery. I won 2 prizes!!

After the crop we went to the hostel Strowis. Heidi and I arranged for a room for 2. The beds were comfortable and I had a fearly good night sleep. Breakfast was simple but yummie.

Then we went back to De Poort van Kleef for 3 other workshops. After the first one I started to feel very tired and I wasn' t as inspired as I would have wished for. But it wasn' t due to the workshops but because of my body protesting, esp. my lower back. I can still feel it!

Of course we did a fotoshoot with Corinne and Celine as you can see on top of this post.

Thank you girls for this great weekend. Also Danielle who was there with all of her scrapbook stuff to buy.

Monday, March 03, 2008


.... but we still have no connection with the internet. Today I wrote a letter of complaint to the Orange company. I made several phonecalls to Orange but it' s a callcenter and they tell me the same story every week so it was going no where. I hope my letter will help!

I have made several layouts over the past few weeks. Sad I can' t show them to you because I' m not on my computer.
I' m also getting more and more excited about the Scrap-a-licious weekend I will go to in a couple of days! But first my son' s birthday this Wednesday! He turns 14!!

Well, I hope I will be able to show you my scrapbook stuff very soon!