Thursday, December 17, 2009


It has been snowing all day over here! In the afternoon we measured 16 cm of snow. I bought some Canadian snowboots at the Aldi and did some groceries for my parents. I took the sled to transport the groceries. It took me quit some time! Back home I decided I wanted to make some photos of the winter wonderland and went out again for a walk near my house.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finished my angel!

So this is the final result of my first angel in my new Moleskine art journal! I added a couple of more layers with paint, lettering, stamping, ribbon and stars.
For the last couple of days I'm working on 2 angel paintings on wood. One traditional angel and one primitive angel as Suzi likes to call them. The primitive one is like the "les petits dolls" class I did last year. I finished the woodburning and have to start painting. The traditional angel is halfway.
I won't have a lot of time painting in the next week or so because I'm making some changes to my house. I'm going to swop my bedroom upstairs with my scrapbookroom downstairs. It'll be a lot of work!! I'm so glad that Cor is coming to help me!! My son is going away for some time because he doesn't like to be at home when I have to make alterations to the house.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


I started with a new workshop from Suzi Blu a couple of days ago. It is all about Angels!! I love it!!! On Friday I went with Cor to Assen to buy some birch plywood, because I have to work on wood most of the time. But for starters I made some sketches in my large sketchbook and I'm working on a 2 page angel in my new Moleskine sketchbook. Suzi recommends them for using as an art journal and they really are great to work in.
So this is how my angel looked this morning before I started to work on it again. I hope to finish her tomorrow!

Note: If you want to buy a Moleskine sketchbook and you live in The Netherlands you can order them here.