Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pfff .... I know

.... I'm a terrible blogger lately! It's just that I have so much on my mind that I can't keep up with everything.

Things are still not going so well with my son and after having so many people around the house for years now to help me with him, I really get tired of not having more privacy.

And then there are my parents (81 and 82) who need my attention. My dad's in hospital for a week now and before that he was staying in 2 different nursing homes for about 6 weeks. In the first one they didn't take good care of him and now he has a huge decubitus spot on his tailpiece. This is going to take months to heal and in the mean time he can't be operated on his hip which needs to be done ASAP because he's in a lot of pain. I'm going to see my dad as much as possible and I also try to help my mother.

My relationship with Cor is still blooming and it makes me feel blessed!! Even Zander is accepting/tolerating my relationship with Cor. We can finally sit down and have a meal together!!

When I'm not busy taking care of other people I try to work on my mixed media art projects.
I'm still following Suzi Blu's workshop Angels and I also started with the workshopThe Goddess and the Poet. It's really cool!!
photo 1: mixed media art portraits in my art journal
photo 2: detail of left face
photo 3: drawing with graphite pencil on paper and wood
photo 4: final result of mixed media art portrait on wood
photo 5: another mixed media art portrait on wood