Sunday, April 11, 2010

Latest news.

The latest news is that my dad's cancer is spreading through his bones. That's why he was in a lot of pain! We already knew he had cancer (of the prostate) for 3 years but the doctor told us that he could easily live another 10 years or so. They don't give him chemo but hormones to stop the proces of spreading the cancer further through his body and he feels less pain already. Soon he will be going to another nursing and rehabilitation centre nearby, where they will focus on healing the decubitis and on exercices to give him back his strenght so that he can come back home. The doctor in hospital is very optimistic about that and so we are too! My dad is eager to go home so that will help him through the proces of getting him back on his feet and it gives him a goal. These last couple of months he was just laying in bed with a lot of pain and there was nothing positive in his situation. If the hormones do their work properly and stop spreading the cancer any further he can live a couple of more years. But we already know that it will come back sooner or later and so we have to accept that he's going to die within 2 or 3 years. But first we are going to celebrate his 82nd birthday next Saturday!

So for now life is going on and today Cor and I went to see the Liberty Tour. It's 65 years ago that Vries was liberated from the Germans during World War II and because all of the province of Drenthe was liberated it was celebrated with a Liberty Tour. About 150 old army vehicles were parading through our Province and today they were coming through Vries.

After the Liberty Tour we went to De Wijk because we promised Cor's mother we would take her to see the flowers at the estate near De Wijk. Cor and I also went there last weekend and I took some beautiful photos of the Hollowroot (a plant that is growing at the estate in a large quantity) and an owl.

We also went to see the goats Cor takes care of for his former employer because it is very close to his place. Most of the goats are pregnant and Cor has to give them extra food and check in every other day to see if there are little ones. We also went to see them yesterday but there were no kids to see yet. But today when we were on our way to Cor's mother we passed over the highway by the pasture where the 19 goats are staying and Cor thought he saw a little one. So we had to go and see if he was right. He was, because one of the goats gave birth to 2 little ones. They were probably born this morning and they were so cute!!! One of the other pregnant goats (not the one on the first photo) has very large nipples (they are almost reaching the ground!) and her little kids are doomed to die if they aren't been found soon after they are born because they won't be able to drink from the nipples hanging that low. If Cor finds them in time and none of the other goat mothers want to feed them, they are probably coming to stay at my place so that I can feed them with a bottle by hand. I think that will be fun to have 2 or 3 little kids to take care of and have them jumping around in my back yard. This particular mother goat really is HUGE (much bigger than the one on the first photo) and she probably has 3 kids carrying with her. I really hope Cor will find the little ones in time!

Edited: The 3 little kids are born in good health. The owner of the goats has taken the mother and her little ones to his farm where they will be fed with a bottle with the milk of the mother.