Monday, March 30, 2009

Who, me!

Finished the mini album from Dina's workshop on Sunday! I think it turned out very cute. I haven't journaled it yet. Waiting for inspirational words!

Still 4 more projects to go: 3 mini albums (Corinne, Birgit and Revlie) and a wall-hanger (Martha)!

Does anyone know the name of the young woman that was sitting next to me on Sunday? I'm still missing the 3 pages of the black mini book from the workshop given by Birgit and I think she probably took them by mistake. She introduced herself to me but I'm really terrible with names! I know she lives somewhere in Noord-Brabant and that she has a small boy. So if you know her please tell her I'm looking for her!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My scraproom when work in process!!

This is how my scraproom looks right now!! I'm working on Dina's mini which was a workshop given on Sunday. I almost finished it so come back tomorrow!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy, busy ... and Earth Hour!!

I'm really busy finishing all of the Scrap-A-Licious projects! Yesterday evening I finished the layout with the ecoline background from Corinne's workshop on Sunday and today I worked on Martha's altered book. I used some old family photos and photos I found with the help of Google images. I loved working on this project!! This is something I want to do more often and so I bought some old Dutch children's books at our local recycle store (thrift shop?) for only 50 eurocents a piece!!

Today it is Earth Hour at 8.30 p.m. (your local time). So dim your lights for just one hour put on some candles and make a difference!! If you don't know what Earth Hour is, watch here!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Finished yet 2 other layouts

I'm really busy finishing all the projects I started at Scrap-A-Licious! Having so much fun and feeling happy because I got my mojo back!!!
I love both layouts! The red letters on the Dracula layout weren't in the kit. I got brown letters and didn't like that color for this layout, but I used them as a template for the letters I cut from some red felt.
On the Giggle layout I sewed a lot of french knots, which was one of the techniques Martha taught us. Well, I already knew how to make a french knot because I used to embroider a lot in the past. I also love the fabric flower Martha taught us. Really easy to make!!

Also went to see the Biophotones therapist yesterday. I was feeling really tired after the weekend and my muscles were aching a lot more too. The therapist checked my system and he identified that again I was suffering from a spin-inversion. This time it was really severe because he had to run the program 5 times before my energy levels were up again. At first we thought I got the spin-inversion because of the stressed last couple of months, the dancing I picked up again, some school problems with my son, Scrap-A-Licious .... but than he found out that I went to a solarium a couple of times and he told me that a solarium is really bad for people who are very sensitive for any kind of radiation. So for now no more solarium for me!! I hope the warm and sunny weather will start soon so that I can pick up some more tan in the real sun!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spray paint layouts.

Finished 2 layouts from Dina's spray paint workshop on Friday.

I loved working with spray paint and bought 8 bottles of spray paint at one of the stores at Scrap-A-Licious. But beware ... it is quite messy!! I first have to buy something to cover my beautiful scrap table.

Dina was really funny when she showed us her techniques. She kept saying things like "oops" and "be at peace" when something went 'wrong'.

Finished cards workshop Corinne

Still feeling tired today but I managed to finish the 2 cards from Corinne's workshop on Friday. The 2 yellow stars weren't in the kit but are from my own stash. I love how the cards turned out!!

When I saw some of the pages of a children's book Martha used for her projects, I knew I had a children's book quite similar to the one she used. Guess what ... I was right!! Look at the lovely old images of my book! I found it in a local recycle store and bought it for 50 eurocent!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scrap-A-Licious 2009

Edited: Is there anyone who has more black home pages of Birgit's workshop in her possession then she should have? I found out I miss 3 pages of the mini album, the ones with the windows and the back. So please let me know if you have found them!
Let me tell you first that I had lots of fun at Scrap-A-Licious in Veghel this past weekend!! Make sure you'll be there next time! The kits were just great and worth while every penny! You can still buy some of the kits and even do something for a good cause. Just go to Monique Helfrich's blog over here.
Scrap-A-Licious started on Friday afternoon and went on till Sunday afternoon. There were 4 workshops by different teachers every day. It was sorry to hear that Nancy van de Berg couldn't come on Friday, but Corinne replaced her and had made some very nice cards.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there were several shops with scrapbook supplies. Of course I couldn't resist buying some new stuff to work with. I bought several colors of spray ink and some new stamps. Saturday evening there was a crop with a lottery. I won 2 prizes! I didn't stay till the end because I felt really tired.
On Sunday I bought some more scrapbook supplies and I did a make and take at the stand of Joan Gevaert, making a metal foil embellishment. I thought that was fun and so I bought the tool set and some metal foil. Joan has some great workshops coming up soon working with this technique, so check it out! (you have to register though to be able to see some photos of the projects!) I really like the Gothic frame!!!
Because Birgit was kind enough to offer me a ride back home (she's living nearby my village) I had to leave early and wasn't able to take Martha's workshop. I took some photo's of her layout though and Corinne is also making a PDF of her workshop (all of the workshops actually!!).

But when we were still working on Dina's project somebody came to tell Birgit that some hooligans smashed the window of her car and took out the build-in navigation system. So that was a big bummer!! With the help of her husband, who looked on the internet for a company nearby Veghel that could repare the window immediately, Birgit and I drove to Heesch. Luckily the people from the conference center where Scrap-A-Licious was held, helped us with covering up the broken window so that it wasn't that cold in the car. In Heesch we had to wait for over an hour before we could finally return home.

I felt exhausted and I still feel exhausted!! But I really wouldn't have missed it! Learned some new great techniques and met some really nice people. There even were some woman from Sweden and Israel. Some of them stayed over in the same B&B in Veghel as I did and we had breakfast together. I have the links of the blogs of 2 of the woman, Jenny Bergvall and Meri, so go and check them out. They really make nice stuff!!

I only managed to finish one project (Jo Anne's) of the 12 workshops. I know, I'm a very slow scrapper!! To give you an impression of the weekend and all the projects made by the different teachers, I made some mosaics. Just click on the photo to enlarge it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ramses Shaffy & Liesbeth List

Love these songs from Liesbeth List and Ramses Shaffy, two famous Dutch artists!!!
First video when they were young and second video was taped recently.