Friday, March 27, 2009

Finished yet 2 other layouts

I'm really busy finishing all the projects I started at Scrap-A-Licious! Having so much fun and feeling happy because I got my mojo back!!!
I love both layouts! The red letters on the Dracula layout weren't in the kit. I got brown letters and didn't like that color for this layout, but I used them as a template for the letters I cut from some red felt.
On the Giggle layout I sewed a lot of french knots, which was one of the techniques Martha taught us. Well, I already knew how to make a french knot because I used to embroider a lot in the past. I also love the fabric flower Martha taught us. Really easy to make!!

Also went to see the Biophotones therapist yesterday. I was feeling really tired after the weekend and my muscles were aching a lot more too. The therapist checked my system and he identified that again I was suffering from a spin-inversion. This time it was really severe because he had to run the program 5 times before my energy levels were up again. At first we thought I got the spin-inversion because of the stressed last couple of months, the dancing I picked up again, some school problems with my son, Scrap-A-Licious .... but than he found out that I went to a solarium a couple of times and he told me that a solarium is really bad for people who are very sensitive for any kind of radiation. So for now no more solarium for me!! I hope the warm and sunny weather will start soon so that I can pick up some more tan in the real sun!!!

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Jenny Bergvall said...

It's gonna take a viel before all the projekts are finished ;-)
The red lettering was super on the Dracula layout!!
Love it.

XOXO Jenny