Thursday, May 31, 2007

Latest layout for Finding You

I have just finished making assignment 8 for Finding You.
It was fun making the photo for this layout. Picture this! Me standing on a small heap of sand and jumping up and down. And then my neighbour Esther lying on the ground and taking photos. And you know what I wasn't jumping that high but it looks like I'm just doing that on the photo!

Supplies: pp (Karen Foster, Rhonna Farrer), cardstock (Bazzill), felt butterflies (self made), beads (Blokker), silver thread, wordstamp (Provo Craft), letterstamps (Image Tree), Thickers and rub-ons (American Crafts), Stazon.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Made some changes.

I have just made some changes to my blog. I have chosen another background because it looks better with my header. I don't like it that it's not stretched out like my previous blog but I don't know how to change it. Maybe I'll figure it out later on.

The weather is nice today. Lots of sun over here in the North of the Netherlands. I really needed some sunshine! The last week or so it was grey and rainy. Hate rain!

Busy with scrapbooking for Finding You and watching a DVD over and over again about The Secret. It seems there's a book out with the same title. Have to buy it! I just love books!

Here's a picture of the baby I told you off last week. Her name is Julianna and she's almost 7 months. Her dad comes from Cameroun and her mom is Dutch. She is very cute!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

New header.

Yesterday evening I found out about the possibility to put a picture header on my blog. I was still figuring out how to do that because I don't know anything about HTML. But now Blogger made it very easy for all those dummies like me! LOL.
I'm sure this header will not stay there for a long time but for now it will do!
If you also would like to have a picture header go to this link and watch the video.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Latest news.

Last week Zander and I went to visit his dad in Utrecht from last wednesday till sunday. It was nice being there and being able to visite one of my friends I haven't seen for quiet some time. Last year she became a mother at the age of almost 44. Her babygirl is now 6,5 months old. I took a lot of pictures of her, but I can't upload them because of a lot of problems with my computer. It is necessary to clean the harddisc and reinstall everything. I'm very busy copying everything I want to keep to my external hard disc I bought some time ago.

When we were in Utrecht I also went to a nearby scrapbook store in Doorn (Paper & Pictures). That was great! They had so much more papers and embellishments than in my local scrapbook store. I was looking my eyes out! Of course I did some serious shopping and left with 2 bags filled with scrapbookstuff. I also bought some books about scrapbooking, all from Autumn leaves (looks, free style and colors) and a magazine (simple scrapbooks ?).
After visiting the scrapbook store in Doorn I also went to another store in Utrecht where I bought another Cricut cartridge Fabulous Finds. All the cartridges were 10 euros off prize!

Now I have to find some time to work on my assignments for Finding You. I am feeling a bit restless the last couple of days. Maybe these are signs of withdrawl because of my addiction to scrapbooking? LOL No, serious! I haven't had the change to scrapbook for over a week now. But I suppose all the problems I have had with the computer is also making me restless. I just can't live without my computer anymore!
And then there is another issue with my son and his father I have to deal with. Last week his father gave him a game for his PSP. They told me both it was a non-violent game appropriate for his age. But Sunday evening when I unpacked his bag I found out it was a violent game for 16 years and older. I am totally against these kind of games and my son knows it and his father does too. So, I don't find this very funny! I am going to ask his father to give his son a call and explain to him that he has to send the game to him in Utrecht and that he will buy him a new non-violent game appropiate to his age. I don't want to be the one that is taken away yet another game away from my son! Yeah, this happened before and my son hated me for taken that game away from him (he still talks about it and is scolding me names you don't want to know), so this time I'm going to try to lay the responsability with his dad. I hope I'll succeed!

Some other news is that we almost had a fire last evening. Zander had thrown his duvet over a lamp. Luckily he was in his room sitting under his bed (he sleeps in a high bed) when he saw the smoke. He immediately threw some water over the spot where his duvet was scorching (?????) and then he called me. I threw his duvet outside and also threw away the lamp that had melted.
Luckily that was all! The thought of having a real fire is very scaring to me. I hope Zander is more carefull now about lamps and not covering them with any material.

This is it for now. I'm not sure when I will be able to update my blog again. I hope at the end of this week or in the week end.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Layout 6 Finding You

This is my latest layout for Finding You. I'm still hesitating if it is really done! I think I should do something with the letters NO, but I'm not sure what! Any suggestions?
For this layout I have used my Cricut a lot (NO, and, tags)
Supplies: pp (BG, American Crafts), cardstock (Action), ghostletters (Heidi Swapp), pink letters on tag (Blokker), Crystal stickers, butterfly (?), ribbon (BG), silver embroidering thread, white souffle pen, black DVD pen, staples.


Today is mothersday and I got spoiled by my son. Last week he went to the scrapbookstore nearby with one of his homeschool teachers to buy me some paper and embellishments. I think it's really cool paper! It's from Junkitz and you can use both sides.

I also got my breakfast in bed. Two "bolletjes" (soft bread) with chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag), one boiled egg, a glass of juice and a cup of herbal tea. I had to help him a bit with boiling the egg. I told him that the minute the water started to boil he had to put the timer on 5 minutes (we have large eggs). He didn't pay attention to what I was saying and he already started the timer when he lit the fire. After I explained it again he did it right!

Being a single mom I always had to help remind my son of these kind of days and help him. But this year one of the teachers (mom of 3 girls with autism) decided to take him to the scrapbookstore to buy me a present. Isn't that just great and thoughtful?!

With my new Cricut (LOVE IT!) I have made a mothersday card for my mom. I will pay her a visit this afternoon and bring her this card and another small present. Our family isn't in for big presents on mothers or fathersday. It's the thought that counts!

Yesterday, I made a (Cricut) birthday card for my neighbour Esther. She likes to scrap too! So, I gave her some scrapbook stuff.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Accept me.

Finished my Finding You layout week 5 some days ago but we've had some trouble with the computer again so I wasn't able to use the computer for 2 days.

I liked working on this layout. Love the Basic Grey paper!

Supplies: pp (BG), cardstock (Action), butterfly (Blokker), thickers (American Crafts), epoxylabel words (CreaMotion), crystal stickers, buttons (pulled from cheap bag), lace (?), embroidering thread, glitterglue, black pen.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Finding You latest layout

I have a little catching up to do for the workshop Finding You. I have just finished assignment number 4 and received number 6 by e-mail.

I'm still feeling tired after my party and visiting Queensday. I wasn't really inspired and just grabbed some stuff that looked okay with the picture I had chosen. So it's a bit in Elsie Flannigan style.

Supplies: pp (MME, SR, Imaginations), cardstock (Bazzill), clearstamp ((K&Company), ribbons and letterstickers (market), Prima flowers, brads (?), butterfly (?), buttons (Hubinont), rub-ons (EK Success), Stazon ink, white soufflpen, black DVD pen, black and red sewing thread, date stamp.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Yesterday we celebrated Queensday over here in the Netherlands.
I love that day!
In every village and town people are gathering in the centre where there are lots of festivities for young and old. Very important on that day is the Vrijmarkt (Freemarket). This is kind of a very large garagesale. Zander wasn't in the mood to participate this year and I was feeling too tired, but normally we go and sell some of our old or not used stuff there almost every year! It is so much fun!
This year it was bigger than ever and there were a lot of other activities too.

I went to see a demonstration of sheepdriving by Scottish Border collies. That was really great to watch! I took a lot of nice pictures.

  1. view on the "Brink", always lies in the centre of old villages and cities of my region
  2. Vrijmarkt
  3. man with small orgue
  4. Rien en Frank (neighbour kids)
  5. baking bread on sticks (we say stokbrood)
  6. piling up krates
  7. horseback riding
  8. large playground filled with air
  9. throwing tins
  10. clown with balloons
  11. young dog (1 year), sheep and trainer (this dog was still learning, so the sheep had to stay in the pen)
  12. dancing dog (this dog wasn't interested in sheepdriving)
  13. dancing dog
  14. dog driving sheep through fence (this dog learned sheepdriving when she was a few years old, after the owner found her in a dogs' home. She was great!)
  15. dog sheepdriving (this was the best trained dog: Boris)
  16. dog driving sheep around people (Boris)
  17. dog driving sheep back into the pen (Boris)