Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Yesterday we celebrated Queensday over here in the Netherlands.
I love that day!
In every village and town people are gathering in the centre where there are lots of festivities for young and old. Very important on that day is the Vrijmarkt (Freemarket). This is kind of a very large garagesale. Zander wasn't in the mood to participate this year and I was feeling too tired, but normally we go and sell some of our old or not used stuff there almost every year! It is so much fun!
This year it was bigger than ever and there were a lot of other activities too.

I went to see a demonstration of sheepdriving by Scottish Border collies. That was really great to watch! I took a lot of nice pictures.

  1. view on the "Brink", always lies in the centre of old villages and cities of my region
  2. Vrijmarkt
  3. man with small orgue
  4. Rien en Frank (neighbour kids)
  5. baking bread on sticks (we say stokbrood)
  6. piling up krates
  7. horseback riding
  8. large playground filled with air
  9. throwing tins
  10. clown with balloons
  11. young dog (1 year), sheep and trainer (this dog was still learning, so the sheep had to stay in the pen)
  12. dancing dog (this dog wasn't interested in sheepdriving)
  13. dancing dog
  14. dog driving sheep through fence (this dog learned sheepdriving when she was a few years old, after the owner found her in a dogs' home. She was great!)
  15. dog sheepdriving (this was the best trained dog: Boris)
  16. dog driving sheep around people (Boris)
  17. dog driving sheep back into the pen (Boris)

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Kaber said...

I like how you have the pictures numbered and explained. WOW! what a FUN day!! so, does Queens day change if you have a new queen with a diffrent birthday?