Monday, April 30, 2007

Birthday party!

My birthday party on Saturday was GREAT!
The weather was really nice and we could sit outside behind the church. The food was great too. Almost everybody made something special. Eventhough not everybody participated in making a treat there was more than enough, even too much!

I was a bit dissapointed to find out that 11 people couldn't make it. They phoned me the day of the party. But with the people that did came it was a lot of fun. My auntie Maaike, who will be 101 years old in July came with her daughter and son in law Mieke and Melle. And my other aunt Rens(ke) made it too. She is 84 years old, but she is not as healthy as my aunt Maaike. I found out that she has Parkinson.

A neighbour took some pictures with her camera and her husband put them on a cd the same evening. So here are some of the more than 80 pictures she took.
  1. Me
  2. Zander (my neighbour told me that every time she wanted to take a picture of him he put on faces)
  3. Arjan, Helen (she works with my son) and me
  4. Me, licking my finger
  5. My brother, cousin Steffanie (laughing out loud) and me
  6. Sannelis, Suzanne (neighbour and my walking instructor) and me
  7. Minke (other daughter of Suzanne), Jonas (in the background, new neighbour) and me
  8. Table with food (not all of it)
  9. View of the terrace
  10. My aunt Maaike
  11. My mom (left) and aunt Rens


Shirls said...

looked like a great party. happy birthday:)

Unknown said...

Your day sounds like it was so much fun!!!!