Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Almost 50!

In a few days I will be celebrating my 50th birthday! I'll be giving a big birthdayparty on Saturday april 28th in a conferenceroom of the church. I'm very excited about it. At first I wasn't in the mood for a big party but because of Finding You I realized that it's only once that I will become 50, and I don't know about you but 50 has some magic ring to it. In the Netherlands we say that at 50 you see Sarah when you're a woman and Abraham when you're a man! Family and friends can put a large woman/man doll sitting on a chair in your frontyard, place signs with 50 and ask people to honk a couple of times when they pass your house. All kind of weird things can happen! Once I have seen a doll filled with air that was larger than the house! LOL To watch this at somebody elses place is okay by me but I'm not sure I like it in my front yard. I suppose I would feel a little bit embarressed. I'm kind of shy and more of a background person.

The latest news is that there are almost 50 people coming to my birthdayparty, kids included!
Even my 100 old aunt Maaike is coming! Isn't that great! She was so pleased that I asked her. She is quiet a lady. Still living on her own in Groningen.
I hope I can take some pictures of her on my birthday and then I will post them on my blog.
The picture of me was taken by my neighbour Esther. I really don't look like almost 50, don't you think? It runs in the family, my aunt doesn't look like 100 either (or is it neither? I always get confused over this!)!


Kaber said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How neat that 50 is asuch a great birthday there! It is a magic, wonderful thing!

here we say 'Honk a few times'

NINANINA said...

oh you look like such fun! and I give you such credit for raising a kid with austism (I have worked with autistic kids) Yeah I'll be turning 50 nov 24 2008 - tick tick tick....I love the doll story!
Women who run with the wolves is my Bible... its a heavy read... I need to read it again... Love how it interprets nursery rhymes - yes at 50 we become the old wise crone... advising our younger sisters and daughters by challenging them!! :)
You can have my 2 roosters if you'd like - I have a big yard but the crow so LOUDLY! Right now I have 14 chickens - 3 austrolops, 2 aracanas (the ones that lay greenish eggs)3 rhode island reds, 1 white leghorn and 2 plymouth rocks. I name all my birds :) I wonder if the chicken varieties are different in Europe ?
feel free to check my art blog every sunday... I post 5 of my latest drawings every sun. plus I think I'll post more chciken pix soon :)
blessings to you!

Shirls said...

happy 50th, anniek!!! you definitely do not look 50. make sure you have an extra piece of cake for me:)

Kaber said...


You have been linked to in my latest post.....