Sunday, December 06, 2009


I started with a new workshop from Suzi Blu a couple of days ago. It is all about Angels!! I love it!!! On Friday I went with Cor to Assen to buy some birch plywood, because I have to work on wood most of the time. But for starters I made some sketches in my large sketchbook and I'm working on a 2 page angel in my new Moleskine sketchbook. Suzi recommends them for using as an art journal and they really are great to work in.
So this is how my angel looked this morning before I started to work on it again. I hope to finish her tomorrow!

Note: If you want to buy a Moleskine sketchbook and you live in The Netherlands you can order them here.

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Marit said...

What a beautiful angel! I'm so curious what you will "do to her" next.... and yes, Moliskine is a great brand! I used to buy those books to write diaries in all the time, and now my son is hooked too (yearplanner, sketchbook etc.)