Sunday, November 29, 2009

Besides making scrapbooking projects I also like to make other creative projects. Yesterday I went to a glass workshop and made this lovely hanger. It was a great workshop and I would love to make another hanger with an angel figure.

As you can see I have also finished the mini album about Sweden. Well I haven't finished it completely because I still have to write down our adventures on the right pages but I want to keep the journaling private.
I've had a stressfull week with my son. He refused to go to school, claiming that he felt sick. He didn't have a temperature though. After a couple of days (not going to school) he told me that school was very stressfull for him and that he had way too much home work to do. Because he didn't go to school and also didn't want to make his home work, I had to take away his computer and X-box (that's a rule we have here). Normally he gets very angry when I take away his favorite toys but this time he didn't care at all. So now I'm getting more worried about what is going on. It looks like a depression to me! I've already talked about my concerns with Hendri and we're going to decide about what to do next this Tuesday. I don't want to give him medication (he would refuse to take them anyway!) but we have to find something else that'll help him to overcome this depressive mood that he's in. Any suggestions??


Marit said...

Hey Anniek, wat een prachtige glazen hanger... mooie kleuren! Knap hoor! Je boekje ziet er ook geweldig uit...!!! Ik heb geen tips voor je zoon, maar hoop dat jullie een oplossing vinden en dat het hem snel weer beter gaat. Ik wens je heel veel sterkte!

Sue McGettigan said...

Hopefully he's doing better now? In any case, now you know what he doesn't like (school) I'd say two things - drill down to what specifically is bothering him at school (could be one class, one teacher, one kid, the bus ride home) and see what can be done to help with that, secondly find out what he DOES like, and help to have more of that through a hobby, club or group (school based would be good, so school holds something to look forward to). Good luck, my son is very close to yours in age, it's not easy to be a teenage boy!