Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally ....

... we have a connection with the internet again!! It lasted exactly 7 weeks! Somebody called me today from Orange and about 10 minutes later the problem was solved. I could have done it myself if I knew anything about computers. Really it was so easy to solve and I don't understand why somebody at the helpdesk couldn't have helped me. The problem was that the LAN connection was set on off (how did that happen??) and I just had to click on it to turn it on again.

I finished a few of the Scrap-a-licious projects that I will be sharing with you after I have taken some pictures off them. Have patience because I have to wait for some better light. It's raining cats and dogs over here!
Happy Easter!!

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corinne5 said...

Jeetje zeg daar zou ik dus mega pissed off over zijn, dat had de eerste keer dat je belde al verholpen moeten zijn. Zou wel zorgen dat je niet hoeft te betalen voor die 7 weken.