Monday, March 17, 2008

Scrap-a-licious weekend

Although we still don' t have an internet connection :( !!!! I can share some pictures with you from the scrap-a-licious weekend in Utrecht on the 8th and 9th March.

I went there with Heidi, my best scrapfriend. Actually I already went to Utrecht on Friday the 7th with my son. As you know his dad lives in Utrecht and I arranged that Zander could stay with him for the weekend.

The workshops were awesome!! Both Celine and Corinne prepared some lovely and exciting projects for us. I used some techniques I normally don' t use because I' m afraid to blow the layout. So, I have learned to let go of this fear!

After the first 3 workshops we had a great diner. Everything tasted delicious!

On Saturday evening we had a crop with a lottery. I won 2 prizes!!

After the crop we went to the hostel Strowis. Heidi and I arranged for a room for 2. The beds were comfortable and I had a fearly good night sleep. Breakfast was simple but yummie.

Then we went back to De Poort van Kleef for 3 other workshops. After the first one I started to feel very tired and I wasn' t as inspired as I would have wished for. But it wasn' t due to the workshops but because of my body protesting, esp. my lower back. I can still feel it!

Of course we did a fotoshoot with Corinne and Celine as you can see on top of this post.

Thank you girls for this great weekend. Also Danielle who was there with all of her scrapbook stuff to buy.

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M@risk@ said...

Great to read something about your weekend. Glad you had a wonderful time and hope you show some projects real soon. Wish that you feel OK in a couple of days.