Monday, June 28, 2010


Finally the sunny and more than warm weather has arrived! It's Summer!!!
This weekend we had a bbq on Saturday with Cor, Zander, one of his 2 friends and I. It was nice and I'm so glad to see that Zander totally accepts Cor now. It almost took him a year to adjust to this new situation.

Yesterday Cor and I went to our Municipal Hall, together with a lot of other people from our community to try and break the picnic record for the Guiness Book of Records. We didn't succeed but it was fun and all for free. There were lots of other things to do and Cor and I took a workshop Djembe. I liked it so much that I also took the second class. Cor went to the hairdresser to cut off his long hair and it looks great!! I had my eyebrowes done with a thread. The lady who did them worked very fast and in no time she gave me beautiful eyebrowes.
Back at home we sat in the garden under the trees and enjoyed this refreshing breeze. It was a perfect weekend!!! Hope yours was too!

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