Monday, July 05, 2010

All kind of different creatures

This Saturday it was time to shear the 3 sheep of Cor. He didn't let them shear last year and they looked like 'rasta' sheep. We managed to put them in a small shed just before the sheep-shearer arrived. He took them out one by one and put them on their behinds and then started to shear them. In just a couple of minutes the job was done and the sheep was naked. Cor now has 3 large and very thick fleeces which we're going to wash and then probably use for felting.

Very close to Cor's house I also took some very nice photos of a small butterfly called in latin Zygaena trifolii. In Dutch it is Vijfvlek-Sint-Jansvlinder (literal translation in English: fivespotted-Saint-Johnsbutterfly). It actually is a night butterfly that lives during the day. In this part of the country it is called a rare species.
On the same plants we also noticed 2 big green grasshoppers. We could see their jaws moving when they ate from the plant!

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Marit said...

Ha Anniek! Wat een leuke foto's! De schapen zullen blij geweest zijn dat hun jas af mocht met dit weer... sorry dat ik al een tijdje niet ben langsgeweest - heb een aantal hele drukke weken achter de rug - ik moest even naar beneden scrollen om al je posts te bekijken! Ik wens je een hele fijne zomer toe!