Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love deer!!

This evening I went for a walk close to my house and I took my camera with me. I was hoping to see some deer and I was lucky. I startled a deer that was very close to the path. I tried to take some photos while she was looking out for a way to escape but she was very fast and there were a lot of obstacles between her and me. Finally she ran into a small piece of wood and when I went over to look for her I saw her with her baby. I managed to shoot a couple of photos of the mother but her little one was behind her and a lot of branches. It was only when the mother decided that she and her little one weren't in any danger that I could take a photo of the behind of the fawn when it walked away behind it's mother. The photos aren't my best but as you can see there where a lot of branches between my camera and the deer and I also had to use the 12x optical zoom which makes it even more difficult to get clear and steady photos.

I also took a photo of a small tree that is standing in the middle of grass-land. I took a photo of the same tree last winter when there was lots of snow. I'll upload them both in this post so that you can see for yourself how lovely this little tree is all year round.

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