Monday, June 22, 2009

Exciting week!

Last week was an exciting one!
On Wednesday I went to a concert of Deva Premal and Miten in Almere with some of my best friends from the Spiritual Centre at Zevenhuizen. We had a great time and the concert was magnificent!!! I also loved hearing Manose playing the flute. And after the concert I was in the opportunity to tell him so in person when he was helping out to sell some of his cd's. He was very enthusiastic in wanting to hug me, so I was moved by that. He gave me his signature and when I asked him which of his cd's he wanted to recommend me, he looked me in the eyes and then picked up one of his cd's and told me to buy that one because it would be good for my heart!! And he's right: the music on this cd really touches my heart and brings so much peaceful thoughts into my head. Love to listen to it!!!

This is a video I made during the concert. Great song called: Four Angels.

And this is a video from Manose playing the Mermaid Song.

Another video from Manose playing Rising Spring.

That same day I also got exciting news from the guy whom touched my heart a while ago and who told me that I had also touched his. But at the time he still was in a relationship and he didn't want to leave his friend. But recently everything changed and he now is a free man.
Last Saturday we had our first date and there was so much love in the air that at times I thought I was walking on clouds. We are taking it slowly though. Our first date however felt great and loving and hopefull!!!

You could say that the Universe is taking good care of me!! Or maybe it is because I'm taking good care of me now?!


Anonymous said...

meid ik ben echt helemaal blij voor jou en ik weet 100% zeker dat het komt omdat jij aan jezelf hebt gewerkt :)


Marit said...

"...because I'm taking good care of me now?!"...... dat denk ik ook! Je hebt het ook helemaal verdient, dat er geluk in je leven komt! Geniet ervan!!!

lucianaferle said...

Hi,I have found your blog randomly, but just loved it! Delicious exploring it.. The snow pictures (my passion!), dolls, colors, drawings, links. I dont have myself a blog (and I am still thhinking wether to try or not)but I want to leave you a note of sincere congratulations!
Luciana Ferle - Italy