Thursday, April 02, 2009

Colorful me!!

Yesterday evening I finished another SAL project: Corinne's mini album!
For this one we had to paint the blackboard album with a pearly paint dabber and then use different colors of alcohol ink with the Adirondack. Then there was magic mesh, grunge board and white letter stickers in the kit.
Ofcourse I totally messed up the album by putting the stamps up side down, so I had to make new holes in the album. You can't see them on the photos because I photoshopped them!
It was fun to make this album and I'm planning on making another one with these same techniques!

Otherwise I'm feeling really tired today. I'm having a lot of stress because of my son. For the last couple of weeks he didn't go to school because he said he felt sick. But as his mom I knew there was something else going on. Finally, last week he told me that going to school is very stressful. The other students are loud and they do things he doesn't like. There are only about 120 students in this school and I know that when they have their breaks that the teachers make sure that it is save and that there are no fights, but still it is too much for my son.
I was very happy when he went back to school last Monday, but yesterday he didn't want to go to school again because it was April Fools Day and he hates that. Today, again, I had a hard time to get him out of his bed and to school. When he had left with the schoolcab at 7.30 am I went back into bed because I felt exhausted.
Sometimes I really wish that there was a man around to back me up!! My son is getting bigger and stronger and I'm getting smaller and weaker (hahaha). Some day I won't be able to handle him anymore and that's the moment I will have to let him go and find him another "home". A safe place where they know how to handle his autism! For now I'm trying to get rid of the stressy feelings by scrapbooking!!! Oh yeah, the sun is shining very brightly today, so I'm also going to sit outside catching up some tan!!

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Marit said...

(Dit maar even in het Nederlands...) hou vol Anniek! Het is moeilijk, het blijft moeilijk maar er zijn ook zoveel mooie momenten. Je kunt niet meer doen dan je doet - het gaat zoals het gaat maar (probeer) geniet van de mooie momenten en (eindelijk!) de zon. Dit zijn wel veel cliché's achter elkaar, maar toch stuk voor stuk WAAR! Veel sterkte, veel liefs! P.S. Je boekje is trouwens prachtig!