Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Freaking cold!!!

It has been very cold last night and it still was very cold during the day: -8 Celsius!!
The weather was great though, lots of sun!!!

I went to the local skating-rink with natural ice (see photos) for a few rounds of skating before I had to go to the therapist. I felt very tired this morning and my body started to ache again like a couple of months ago. I called the therapist and was able to make an appointment for this afternoon. I'm very sensitive to spin-inversion and food poisening (which was the problem!). I almost never have diarrhoea when I have food poisening. I feel very tired in the morning and have problems with my neck (it feels stiff). In a couple of days I must start to feel better! The spin-inversion can be caused by a lot of things. In my case it could be the wireless internet!!

Yesterday, there was a lot of sun too and I took some photos during my daily walk.

And have you already noticed all the nice new widgets in the side-bar? You can get them for free at Buddhahands ! They have more to choose from but my side-bar isn't wide enough for the big ones.

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Alice said...

Hi Anniek,

The pictures are great. The wheather is nice yeah, but very cold. It is nice to skate on "real" ice :)!
I hope you feel a lot better soon.

Your blog looks nice.