Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Snow and rain.

Finally we got some snow over here in the North of the Netherlands! It didn't last for long! When I was at the skate-rink this morning it started to rain.

My friend Ina lend me her skates (we have the same size of shoes) and the skating went much better.
This morning there were a lot of kids on the skate-rink because one of the local schools (my son's old school) was there with all the kids for school races.


M@risk@ said...

Wat ziet je blog er gezellig uit. Het is koud buiten maar echt winters weer. Heerlijk schaatsen en genieten van de prachtige witte wereld. Dat zijn weer heel veel mooie foto's.

merryheart2 said...

what gorgeous photos. you have a great eye for photography. love your blog. hope to see you back soon.