Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to you all!!

I hope you have a nice day with your family and/or the people you love!!!

Zander and I are in Utrecht with his dad. We arrived on Monday. Ad and I did most of our Christmas shopping on Tuesday. Yesterday I did some last shopping and then went to see some old friends I had lost contact with years ago (like 19 years ago). I met them 31 years ago in Paris when Elise and I both worked there as an au-pair. She met her husband Kiwi (nickname) in Paris in 1977 and they got married in 1981. I spend some nice couple of hours with them and their 2 children (19 and 16). Elise and I talked about making a trip to Paris together. We both haven't visited Paris for years and we both would love to go there! It would be nice to be able to go there soon!
I'm not feeling the X-mas spirit this year. I suppose it's because the guy I talked about in my previous post has pulled back and just wants to be good friends. It hurts and makes me feel a bit down, because I still feel in my heart that he's the one I could grow old with! Have to let him go though and accept the fact that he's not ready yet or never will be ready to commit himself to me.

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