Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunny day!!

It's a really sunny day today!!! I went for a long walk nearby my house this early afternoon. I stayed outside for more than an hour and keeping up a smart pace all the time! Took my camera with me just in case and was able to shoot some nice photos near a small fen (peat-moor?) in the woods.

Here's another thing I want to share with you.
Not so long ago I bought The Goddess Oracle from Amy Sophia Marashinsky. These are cards with all kinds of goddesses from myths, legends and sages that can bring you their wisdom.
One of the cards I picked not so long ago is Pachamama (Mother Earth) and this card asks me to connect more with the earth or nature. It will help me to heal. So this afternoon when I was all alone on a nice spot in the sun I made a prayer to Pachamama and asked her to help me heal.

Another card I picked is Brighid. To tell you the truth I already picked her twice! Brighid comes to inspire me. She asks me to live inspired because a life without inspiration is boring. That is soooo true!!! I already have been asking Brighid in a self-guided fantasy trip to inspire me. Not only in my daily life but also in scrapbooking. Because really, it has been way too long since I was able to sit down behind my scrapbooktable and be inspired to make something beautiful!!
I hope to be able to show you some scrapbook layouts soon!!!
Oh yes, I'm on Hyves now! So if you're a Hyver I invite you to be my friend. Just go here!!

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