Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lazy Summer evenings ...

... on my new wooden terrace. I just love to sit on my new wooden terrace in front of the garden house just doing nothing. It's almost like meditating or maybe it is!! Last night I put all the candles on and the pot heater (it is made of ceramics) and was just sitting in my white chair with new cushion (Ikea), staring in the flames and thinking of nothing in particular. On one side of the chair was the dog and on the other side the cat.
Zander was inside behind his new best friend: his laptop. He doesn't like to be outside, even though we now have wireless internet and he could come and sit outside with me.

Just 2 more weeks of vacation for him and school starts. He will be in the 3rd year of the VMBO tl. After that he has 1 more year to go and pass his exams. I hope he will be able to stay in this school because it is the best school available in our region for kids with autism. His mentor and some of his teachers of last year aren't convinced of him being able to stay in this school because of his poor social skills. I suppose they are more used to kids with PDD and not to kids with a profounder form of autism.
For my son all the social interaction at school isn't important. He goes to school because he has to learn!! One time when I was explaining him things about what his mentor told me about his poor interaction with the other kids of his class, Zander said: "Why should I have to do that? I'm going to school to study and not to play or talk to the other kids! Most of the other kids are always doing things they shouldn't be doing, like playing with their mobile during classes or talking or pestering other kids! I don't want to do that! I just want to go school to study"

Anyways, we're still having a home-program for him after school to help him with his homework and to help him with his social skills. We will also start psycho-education about his autism. He doesn't want to know much about him having autism and it's very important that he accepts his autism and learns about what are his positive and negative qualities.


Anonymous said...

oooh I love your pictures it looks so cozy! I hope everything will work out with the school, just one more year! keeping fingers crossed!


lacy said...

Love your blog and the picts, so much fun!