Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look ...

... at our new (try out) housepet! His name is Ger and he's 6 years old. It's a Boomer-dog. That's a crossing between a Maltese and another dog. In our case a sheepdog. He's very cute!!

His (previous) owner was looking for a new home for Ger because she's almost never at home and although he can stay alone for a very long time, she felt sorry for him and that's why she was looking for a good new home for her dog.

I only agreed to take the dog for a try out period of 14 days, so that we can experience how it goes. The owner lives in a city nearby and if it's not working out in a positive way she comes to take the dog back home with her.

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Alice said...

Hi Anniek,

Ger looks lovely and I hope he is. Have fun with him.

You did a great job painting furniture....it looks great.

Groeten Alice