Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy, busy ...

... with painting again!!!

I decided last Tuesday that with Zander at his dad and my cleaning lady on vacation for a couple of weeks it was THE moment to paint the staircase, hall and the landing. I felt great when I started this big project. Ofcourse now my whole body aches again but I'm so proud of all the work that I've done and I'm pleased with how everything turned out. I even painted some of the furniture in the hall and on the landing!!
Everything white on the pictures was either yellow or wood.

The week before I painted some old chairs made of cane and reed that are now on the wooden terrace in front of the garden house. They turned out great too!! At Action (Dutch store with really cool stuff for little money) I bought 2 white lamps to brighten up the garden house.

Tomorrow someone will come and install the electricity in the garden house so that we can have some lights and a heater there during the cold months. He has to dig a hole from the main house to the garden house (about 20 meters) and will be busy whole day.

When his job is done it will be time to make the terrace with tiles and bricks that I will get from my neighbours. They are getting a new terrace in August and asked me if I was interested in their old one. Sure, I can use anything! Especially if it's for free!

I think I will invite all the people that have helped me out with Project Back yard for a BBQ to show them my gratitude!!
Because I was so busy with painting I didn't have the time left for some scrapbooking. I hope to be able to finish the mini book About me in 2007 this evening or tomorrow and if not it has to wait till next week because tomorrow evening I'm leaving for Utrecht to spent a couple of days with Ad and my son.

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Anonymous said...

you have been a busy woman! I really like it all :) have fun in Utrecht!