Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally ....

.... found the time, inspiration and energy to make a traditional layout again!

Some weeks ago I bought We dare you, scrapbook challenges about real life from Kristina Contes, Nisa Fiin, Genevieve Simmonds and Meghan Heath Dymock.

So I got inspired by that and made this simple layout yesterday afternoon. What also helped to finish it, was the presence of Heidi who came over for the day. She also needed some special scrapbook time to get started again after her mom past away.
First we went through my new books and Heidi's scrapbook magazines (Making Memories and Creating Keepsakes), sitting in the sun in my backyard with a cup of herbal tea. Then I made some roasted bread with a home made vegetable spread in between. Can't find the English word for it but we call it a tosti. The recipe is from the Fit for life diet.
After lunch we finally started to work on our layouts.
I also taught Heidi how to work with the clone stamp in Adobe Photoshop on a damaged photo of her DH.
I felt great after she left around 7 p.m.!!! The scrap mojo is back!!
After I made some sandwiches (wasn't in the mood to make dinner) I immediately started on my next project. Last year I made a mini album about Me in 2007, but I never filled it with photos and journaling. So that's my new project. I hope to finish it today.

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M@risk@ said...

Clean and simple, but a beautiful layout. Glad you found new inspiration again.