Monday, August 04, 2008

Finally some new scrapbooking projects.

Yesterday I finally found some time and energy for scrapbooking. I made a layout with a self made sticker from woodgrain self adhesive and I used a piece of a transparant vinyl table cloth as a background.

I also made a small notebook out of the same vinyl table cloth I used on the layout and fabric.
I followed most of the directions from Donna Downey's book Fabric scrapbooking, but because the vinyl I used is transparant I made the fabric at the inside double sided.

We've decided not to keep the dog. It is way too much work for me to keep him. Zander doesn't want to walk with the dog so it's up to me to make sure he gets enough exercice. And although it's also good for me to get out of the house more often I'm starting to feel more tired by the day. He also brings a lot of dirt into the house because of his long and thick fur. And after every walk I have to clean his paws, belly and tail. When I was walking with him yesterday afternoon it suddenly started to rain and he was really, really dirty by the time we arrived home. I had to give him a bath, dry and brush him and I felt exhausted afterwards and so that's when I decided not to keep him! He also makes little squeaky sounds when he has to stay in his basket and that drives Zander crazy. He starts scolding at the dog and I have to calm him down. No, there are too many negatives about keeping him so he has to go. I hope his owner finds a good home for him because he really is a cute dog!!! Look at the pictures of him when he wrapped himself into his blanket, doesn't he look cute?!

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Birgit said...

Wow, cute deer you made out of the wood grain sticker stuff!! and the book with the table cloth is also great!! and the dog... yeh, he's cute but I can see why you don't want to keep him... those picture will make a cool LO though ;)