Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Other frog pictures and border of foundation in place.

Took some other pictures of the frogs in my small pond. They were together this time. Took out the tripod in a hurry, but this time the light wasn't as good as yesterday. I like the picture where the frog opened his bec.

This morning my dad and Roel finished the border and put in all of the white sand in the middle. Now I have to water the sand every day for a couple of days so that it becomes a real good and solid foundation for the concrete tiles.
And this afternoon I made some flower petals and some cirkels of small pieces of transparancies. Outside in the sun like Petra suggested because it stinks when you heat the transparancy. It's the technique from the video number 67 at SIStv.
Instead of using Hambly transparancies I used some leftover pieces of packings for scrapbookstuff and dyed them with alcohol ink. I wasn't sure if this would be safe (because of the alcohol), but if you keep the side where you have put the ink on top, it is totally safe.
I'm going to try and make a card with the petals and cirkels tonight.

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kathie k r y p t o n i t e said...

This has nothing to with your blog post but I have to say that I work with an autistic child through my job, and I have so much respect for the parents of an autistic child. It's hard work...
Keep it up!