Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothersday and BBQ

Made a card for my mother this afternoon before I went to visit her and my dad early this evening. She loved the card and the hanging plant I bought for her for Mothersday.

I also got a present from Zander this morning. I knew he bought something a couple of days ago, with one of the people who work with him after school. She already told me that I have a very practical son.
When he got downstairs (late this morning, so no breakfast on bed for me anymore :( ) and saw me preparing my supplies for my mothers card he asked me what I was doing and so I told him. He then went upstairs again to get his present for me. He gave it to me saying: "Well, here." He's not much of a talker in these kind of situations.
He bought me a sort out box for my scrapbooking supplies and some scrapbooking adhesives!
I told him it was really nice of him and that I really could use a sort out box! I could see he was pleased too!

Because the weather is still very warm over here, I decided to have a BBQ with our new cute BBQ that I bought yesterday. I love having a BBQ!! The skewer in the middle is with turkey meat. That one was for me. The hamburgers and meat balls were for Zander. I also had 2 small steaks. It seems it's good when you have a very low blood pressure like I have. We also had 2 salads, home baked bread and some sauces.


corinne5 said...

wat lief van zander om zoiets te geven, echtover nagedacht :)
Ik vind het ook heeeeeerlijk om te barbecuen!


Ashley said...

Very pretty card! I like the way the colours complement the colours of the flowers. :)