Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Latest pictures.

Took some pictures today of a frog that was sitting near my little pond. It stayed there for a very long time and I took about 50 pictures. A lot of the pictures were a bit blurred because I had to use the zoom and when you use the zoom without a tripod - like i did - it makes the camera somewhat unstable. These were the best pictures!!

And last week I took the pictures of the flowers. It was just before I had to move them from the backyard to the garden in front of the house and they looked wonderful.
With the warm and sunny weather we have over here at the moment, they don't look so beautiful anymore. I hope they will survive! At least I give them lots of water every evening.

Today my dad and the husband of a cousin started to make the foundation for the garden house. They will continue tomorrow and hopefully they can finish the job.
Ofcourse I couldn't resist helping them a bit, moving sand with the wheelbarrow, but I shouldn't have done it because my muscles are aching a lot more now!

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