Sunday, October 14, 2007

We're back!

Zander and his cousin Tomazina
Zander and I stayed in Utrecht for about a week to be close to his dad (his name is Ad) who's still in hospital. His condition is still concerning but it improves little by little. His sister Nel and her youngest daughter Tomazina (10) arrived from New Zealand on Wednesday late in the afternoon. Before they arrived I had to clean the house because it was really very dirty. It seemed as if Ad hadn't cleaned the house for months! You have to know that normally he's a very clean person. It just shows how bad his condition has been lately. His neighbour told me that when he arrived home from shopping he had to sit on the stairs for about 90 minutes before he could go upstairs. And when he was upstairs he hang over the banisters for another 30 to 60 minutes before he could walk to his frontdoor. His neighbour wanted to get in contact with me and his sister but she didn't have our addresses or phonenumbers.
I did things this last week I normally don't do anymore because of the fibro. So now my body is aching a lot and I'm feeling very tired. His sister and I also went to bed late because we had a lot to talk about. One night we went to bed somewhere around 4.30!!
Because his sister has arrived and is able to visit her brother every day in the hospital and Ad's condition is more or less stable, Zander and I returned home. Zander was missing his computer and I need to get some rest. The plan is to return to Utrecht next weekend and stay there again for a couple of days.


corinne5 said...

hopelijk is alles weer gauw normaal en kun je deze week een beetje bijtanken.


M@risk@ said...

First of all take care of yourself. Hope your son in doing OK. My brother moved to New Zealand 4,5 years ago and this was hard. Last summer he was over for a 5 weeks holiday with wife and kids. This was really great to have them around.

Birgit said...

Dat valt allemaal niet mee! Veel sterkte! Hoop dat het snel weer wat beter gaat!