Sunday, October 07, 2007

Disturbing news

Received some disturbing news early this evening about Zander's dad. He's in hospital with probably a pneumonia. He's already familiar with emphysemia and diabetes. It seems that lately his condition has become worse and worse. We haven't been in contact for a few months now. I stopped trying to get a hold of him because he wasn't returning our calls or e-mails.
I phoned the hospital around 9 p.m. and some nurse from the IC-unit told me about his condition. Because I'm not a relative it was difficult for her to tell me everything because of the law of privacy and Ad (Zander's dad) was in such a state that he wasn't able to give permission. But she promissed me to phone later this evening with hopefully more details. She did about one hour ago and they have decided to give me more details because my son has the right to know about the condition of his father.
She called the condition Ad is in right now not really critical but however it is a bit concerning. His CO2 levels are way to high and his body is working so hard that several doctors failed in putting him on infusion. It seems that the vains squeeze together when the body doesn't get enough oxygen. This makes the bloodpressure rise and because of that the level of oxygen gets higher. The only thing they can do right now is to give him oxygen, antibiotics and Prednison.
Anyhow, Zander and I are leaving for Utrecht tomorrow morning. It depends on his dad's condition if we're going to stay there for some time or if we're returning home tomorrow evening.


corinne5 said...

oh anniek wat een rot nieuws zeg. Ikz al aan jullie denken.


M@risk@ said...

Ik wens jullie sterkte. P.s. ik vind je ATC's geweldig.