Saturday, October 20, 2007

Latest news and layout of Misty.

Zander's dad is doing better, but he prabably has to stay in hospital for another 2 weeks and after that he can't return to his home yet and he has to go to a special facility where he can get back his strengh. All kind of people are busy trying to find him a house with no stairs at all, because it will be to much for him to climb stairs.
I decided not to go to Utrecht this weekend but the next one. His sister decided to stay in the Netherlands for another week so we can still see her and her daughter one more time before they leave. Zander wasn't in the mood to travel and I'm still feeling tired, so it's better to wait another week.

Yesterday I went to meet Heidi for the first time. I met her through Birgit's blog and she and I were both looking for another scrap addict to do stuff together. Well, we didn't scrap at all yesterday. Just looked at eachothers scrapprojects, scrapbook stuff and tools (she has the QuicKutz Silhouette!), her scrapbookroom and we talked about more personal things. Heidi has made some wonderful projects! I loved the book she made at a workshop with Jo-Anne te Raa.
When Zander and I returned from Utrecht last Friday there was a lovely surprise for me. I can get € 250 from the Dutch Social Insurance Bank (SVB) because I'm a Mantelzorger. Translation: somebody who is taking care of a child with a handicap in his/her own family or a child who is taking care of his/her parent(s) because they are old and need special help. Heidi is taking care of her mother and she also got the letter. We both want to use the money for scrapbooking. I'm gonna use it to pay for some workshops. Heidi and I both want to go to a workshop given by Corinne. She has some nice workshops in stall for the second weekend of March in Utrecht together with another famous scrapdiva.
But first we're going to a workshop given by Birgit in November. That will be my first scrapbook workshop ever!

Yesterday evening I started to make a layout I wanted to make in the afternoon at Heidi's. Used Corinne's paper line from Cherry Arte. I forgot to cut off a piece of the paper (short end) to make it the right size for my scan to handle, so there's something missing.
I got inspired by the first layout of Ief on this blog. She and Will have challenges between the two of them. It's really cool!

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