Monday, September 03, 2007

Before and after!

Today I finally sorted out all the papers in my 2 baskets filled with mail, bills, brochures, insurancepapers, printouts, etc. It took me almost 2 hours, but after I finished, I could fill only one basket. I threw away a lot of paper. I wonder why I always want to keep everything? Made my daily something about cleaning up my baskets.

I also went to the vet because Kuifje had another funny looking egg that looked like a windegg, but very small and brown. The vet (never had her before) told me that she probably has an inflammation at the ovary and she gave me some antibiotics. When I got home I gave her the antibiotics right away. When I picked her up I saw this lumb on her chest. It looked and felt the same as what the other chicken had before they died! So I'm afraid I'm going to loose this chick too! That would be very sad. She's so funny!
The name of the antibiotic is different from the one the other chicken got, so maybe this one works better! I hope so!

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corinne5 said...

als ik die stapels rekening/post zie dan denk ik gelijk aan mijn stapel die ik al maanden moet doen,misschien toch maar eens mee beginnen? hoop dat de kip niks ergs heeft.