Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We're back!

Zander and I returned home from our one week camping yesterday afternoon. It was nice being somewhere else than at home. The weather was not really terrible, but we have had a lot of rain.

On friday we went to Assen to buy Zander his long wanted Pokemon Diamond game for his Nintendo DS lite. I bought 2 books: The secret and the last Harry Potter: HP and the deathly hallows. I started to read the last book the next day and finished it on Monday. Loved it!
Zander wants to try to read it in English too. He started last night and just told me that he already has finished the first chapter. Kids these days learn so fast a language like English because of all the games they are playing on the internet (Zander likes to play Runescape) and on their Nintendos.
I also have to tell you (Zander just gave me this instruction) that he completed the Pokemon game in just 4 days. He played for about 37 hours to complete it. He almost didn't do anything else since he got the game. Elianne, the youngest daughter of Janke, his homeschool teacher, also likes to play Pokemon and they were doing it together. Elianne has autism too, but she is totally different in her way of reacting to things. I suppose she learned a lot from her 4 older siblings.

The third chicken died today. She was already sick for about a week when we left. A neighbour took care of my chickens and gave her her medication every day, but when I saw her yesterday I knew right away that she was very sick and suffering. So this morning when Jan came (he does my garden) I asked him if he could kill her. He did it just before he left and layed her outside the chicken-run. I went back inside to finish my talk to Hendri and after a while went outside to bury the chicken. To my surprise she was still alive and back on her feet. So I called Jan and told him what was going on. He came back to finish the job and stayed untill he was sure she was really gone. I had already started to dig a grave and we buried her.
Now there is only one chicken left. The poor thing, all alone!

Today the sun is shining brightly and warm. I want to go outside and feel the warmth on my skin. So off I go now, leaving you with some of the photos I took last week. Mostly from the camping ground were we stayed. They aren't super because it was a grey day when I took them. We were standing right next to the yellow spot you see at the bottom off the plan. On the smallest field with only room for 10 tents/caravans.

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