Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hot Summer day!

Today felt really warm! We had a lot of sunshine all day long. Even now at 10 p.m. it feels warm outside. I spend most of the day in my backyard where there is a lot of shade. I took some photos of items in my garden.

I also went for a long walk with Resta, the dog of our neighbours who went to the annual bookmarket in Deventer. I took my camera with me and took a lot of photos of the trail I'm walking a couple of times a week with a friend. I'll show you these photos some other time.

Because of the heat I didn't do much today. I did try to keep focused on being positive and in the present all the time. It went great! I even tried to meditate. Just for a short period op time because I'm still learning.

Yesterday Zander went to the swimmingpool with his friend Manuel. Normally he doesn't like to go to the swimmingpool in our village because there are always a lot of people, but yesterday he wanted to try it again and finally he stayed there for a couple of hours! I invited Manuel to stay with us for the BBQ and later on they asked me if he could stay for the night. Manuel left this afternoon at one o'clock because he wanted to go to the swimmingpool again and Zander didn't want to. Such a shame. It is so good for Zander to be outside, but he doesn't like it much. He prefers the computer. But I hope he will go back to the swimmingpool some other day soon.

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