Friday, August 31, 2007

Did some crochet!

Yesterday I started to do some crochet again. I have done it a lot when I was in my twenties! I bought a book about Crochet with all kind of patterns for making cozy blankets. There was also a pattern with a nice flower and because that's very usable on a layout I made a few of these flowers. I took a photo of the 4 flowers that I have made thus far, cut them out and made a daily something with them.

Today was a better day than yesterday, concerning me and my son, but I still feel tired.
The weather also isn't in my favour. It felt cold inside and outside the house and I saw it was just 18 degrees Celsius inside. I put on an extra vest but it still felt uncomfortable for my muscles, so I put on the heater (?). It's ridiculous! I mean it's still Summer for crying out loud!

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Mika said...

Crochet????? I think it looks great but never heard off. How did you do that? Hope you post on my blog so I can try. Mika (