Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The last couple of days.

The last couple of days I was still upset by the death of our little hamster. We buried her sunday afternoon in our backyard near the terras. I still can't be as nice to our cat as before. This morning I petted her on her head for the first time. I can sense she's confused by my behaviour, because normally I was always talking to her and petting her over her head and back. My love for her will grow again, I'm sure, but in the mean time I'm still upset!
On Sunday we also took care of Resta, the dog of our neighbours across the street. Our neighbour was celebrating her 60th birthday and her home was filled with little and big people. Resta doesn't like little people and so she asked me if we could take the dog for one day. Well sure, why not!

Yesterday I send 12 letters to all kind of different foundations to ask them for money for the Dolphintherapy for my son. I have met or heard from different people that dolphintherapy can help children with autism. Zander and I would love to go to Curacao for this dolphintherapy. Only it costs a lot of money and if I have to save from the money I get every month from the WAO and by selling the Dolphin keychains (see on top of my blog on the right), it will take years! So I decided to ask foundations for money. I already have had one positive reaction some time ago for 5000 euro's, but I only get that money if another foundation is willing to do the same. And that is a bit of a problem, because all the other foundations I have asked this far for help gave me a no. So I hope one of these new foundations I have written to will give me a big yes.
This morning I went to the supermarket very early because they have predicted snow and because I have to do my groceries by bike I wanted to be ahead of the snowfall. I don't like to ride on my bike when there is snow, it is to slippery!
In the supermarket they had these lovely pots with flowers I couldn't resist buying. They match so well with the accent colours I use in my livingroom.

Some time ago I bought this new table lamp at Ikea's. It was new in the collection. Love the top!!

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