Sunday, February 04, 2007


Last night Zander and I experienced a tragic event. Our little hamster was killed by our cat. Zander found her at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway. Our cat was sleeping on my bed, the little monster! Zander immediatly threw her out of our house.

I had told Zander over and over again to always close his bedroomdoor, because the cat already had taken the hamster out of her cage one week after we bought her one year ago. I managed to rescue her back then because I heard her squeak, but this time the telly was on and we both didn't hear a thing!

She was such a cutie pie, really! I always thought that hamsters were nasty biters, because I had this experience with another hamster when I lived in Paris. That hamster was so mean. But our hamster always licked our fingers and our noses. She has never bitten any of us.

When I saw her lying in her own blood (I will spare you the details about how she was looking) I immediatly began to cry and I didn't stop crying for quite some time! I know, I'm very sensitive to these kind of things. Even though I understand that my cat just followed her natural instincts I'm so pissed off with her. This morning, when she came to my bedroomwindow, I didn't open the window for her, which I normally always do. I just couldn't, no, wouldn't face her yet. I still have this image of the dead hamster in my head.

I have rapped the hamster in a paper towel and then put her in a small teabox. We are going to bury her later this morning in our back yard near the terras.

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Shirls said...

oh no! so sorry to hear about your hamster.