Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What can I say ...

... I'm a bad blogger (again!!)!!!
I could say that I was away on vacation, but I can't, because I stayed at home whole Summer! It has been a bit of a hectic period though with lots of things going on with both my parents and with my son. I (still) get overwhelmed quickly by things happening around me which affect me and makes me feel stressed and tired.
And although Summer started with lots of sun, these last few weeks, there has been a lot of rain and it makes that I can feel that the fibro is still active in my body. I try not to pay much attention to the pain and the fatigue (not to feed the negative) but sometimes it's hard to not think about it when I feel like an old lady of 80+!
I try to do something creative as much as possible and that helps most of the time to forget about the pain and the fatigue. So, I finished the pages in my art journal, made 2 angels on small wooden embellishments boxes and recently started a new online workshop (about mermaids) at the Suzi Blu Academy.

This is the final result of my art journal page. I called it love, freedom and aloneness! It's the title of a book from Osho. These three words mean a lot to me. IRL the colors are way better and also the shading of the face, but for some reason I can't make a good looking picture of my page.

I made this angel on the back side of a small wooden embellishment box. I like to work on small surfaces. For the background I used a page from Shakespeare's work. The dress of the angel is made with vintage fabric. I gave this one to Cor!

This angel is also made on a small wooden box. The big heart is actually made of felt which I covered with modeling paste and after it was dry I painted it. The bird is a print out which I gave a little touch of red paint.
The words are cut from a vintage book. For this angel I used techniques from Suzi Blu and Kelly Ray Roberts.

PS I'm so happy with the changes at Blogger. I can finally put my photos wherever I want to!


Anonymous said...

wat een mooie dingen heb je weer gemaakt, prachtig gewoon!!!


Jenny Bergvall said...

OMG I love these small painings you've made. Supercute!!!!