Monday, July 12, 2010

Bees on lavender.

Still enjoying the warm weather and taking it easy. I was glad with some heavy rain-showers Saturdaynight and last night. Although last night the water came dripping into my son's room. This morning a guy from the house-renting company (?) came over to look for the problem . There was a lot of mud, leaves and other rubbish on top of the roofwindow in between the window and the roofing-tiles and the water couldn't run down anymore and found itself the easiest way to escape: into the house! He had just finished his cleaning job when another rain-shower came pouring down and it seems that the problem is solved.

Cor and I had a quiet weekend. We went swimming on Saturday evening after we went to his house during the day to take care of the animals and to visit his mother. I also took some photos of bees on lavender in Cor's garden.
On Sunday we slept in and went to see my dad in the afternoon. We found out that he has an urinary tract infection and he was feverish and confused. Last Friday we went to see the urologist together and he was just fine that day. Things can change so quickly when people are as old as my parents and not in a very good health. The urologist has decided that my dad needs radiation treatment on his back. They already give him 45 mg of morphine every day and his back still hurts him. He now has to wait for a new bone scan and a visit to the radiologist. I hope that he doesn't need to wait too long!!


Marit said...

Wat een mooie, zomerse foto's! Ik kan de lavendel bijna ruiken.... Veel sterkte gewenst voor je vader!!!

Anonymous said...