Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Newest projects

Yesterday and today I worked on the 2 heads that I drew and wood burned on my exercise piece of berch plywood. First I colored (with water color and color pencils)and painted the heads. The paint has to be translucent.

After that I painted the hair and background. Drew in the wet paint with the back of a brush and added some glitter in the same color as the paint. Then stamped on the dry paint using distress ink.

For the girl with the blue background I made her top out of patterned paper and collaged it on the wood using mod podge.

On the red background I used a paper doyle as a mask with plum acrylic paint and a french lily stamp with antique gold metallic acrylic paint.

On the blue metallic background I added some small pieces of a paper napkin (only the top layer) using mod podge and added some silver acrylic paint using a piece of mesh (?).

I think I'm ready for a complete girl now. Can't wait to start!


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M@risk@ said...

Ik zou willen dat ik er het geduld voor had. Super!

JuliaRose said...

Hello Anniek,
I also have fibromyalgia, CFS & RA, my sister does too and she is a well known artist here in Australia.
I have found art later in life, and wish I was of better health so I could do alot more than I am doing...
It helps me to relax too.
Although I do find myself painting till 3am sometimes which only makes things worse...but you tend to go 100 miles an hour when you are feeling good don't you, and then suffer the next day...
I just havent learnt to pace myself...
I love your girls, and I too am enjoying the Suzi workshop/site.
A bih HUG from one who truly knows what you go through to try to live a normal life each day.....xx