Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bike trip

Today I went on a bike trip to a heath nearby where there's also a dolmen. It's only 10 km from my village. It was such sunny and warm weather today that I didn't want to spend all day inside the house. I left quit late so I had to stay closeby. I'm so glad I can make biketrips like this again!
I took my sketchbook for the Suzi Blu workshop and a book of Eckart Tolle (A new Earth) that I'm reading at the moment. I also took my patchwork blanket to sit on and of course my camera.

I first went to see a heath very close to my house. Somebody wrote about it's existance in a local newspaper this week. The heath was a bit of a disapointment because there was only sand and no heath at all. But the small path I took to go there was really beautiful because of the Fall colors.

When I arrived at the other heath (near Gasteren) I went to the dolmen right away and found myself a nice spot in the sun.

I started to read in A new Earth. I have just started to read it, together with a friend. He already read the book 4 or 5 times and is still having new insights every time he reads it. I read chapter 2: The ego, the current state of humanity (this is my own translation in English). My friend and I will be discussing this chapter next Tuesday. It's not easy to read and it's even harder to explain what I've read in English, so I won't do it, but let me tell you that I find it very interesting!!

I stayed on the heath for almost 1,5 hours, just reading, taking some pictures and drawing. It was very calming. Sometimes there were people walking nearby but it wasn't annoying.
On my way back home I stopped to take a picture of a brook called Drentse Aa and I also took a picture of me in front of the brook. There was a lot of wind so my hair looks like shit!

When I almost arrived at my village I saw a buzzard on a pole. I had to use my 12x zoom to get a better look at it. It was really far away and this was my best shot. You can see that the buzzard was looking right at me.

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M@risk@ said...

Het was zeker prachtig weer om er op uit te trekken. Mooi dat je zo'n leuke dag hebt gehad. De eerste schetsen zien er prima uit. Fijn dat Zander het zo goed doet. Ik wens je een gezellige week.