Wednesday, October 08, 2008

First sketches Suzi Blu workshop

These are my first sketches I made for the Suzi Blu workshop. It's my homework for this week. Today I drew 6 new faces that I need to practice color shading. So that's what I'm going to do after I finished this post.

I also have to make a Healing Art Journal. I already started to work on it but I have been too busy the last couple of days to find the time to finish it.

Zander has been ill for the last 2 days. Just a sore throat, a head-ache and belly-ache. He will be going back to school tomorrow. He and I are doing much better these last couple of weeks!! All the people who work with him noticed it. He's doing so well at school and he has become more involved with his schoolwork. Today he told me that he asked one of his classmates in an e-mail to tell him about the homework he missed on yesterday. He did that all by himself!!! For a kid with autism - and maybe especially for Zander - that's awesome!!! I'm so proud of him!!


Anonymous said...

you have to link me up to that workshop it looks cool! and what a great! news about Zander!!!


Rianne said...

Go for it!
You'r start is perfect!