Monday, September 01, 2008


Nothing much happening over here. I just want to show you my new boots I bought at a braderie in our village last Saturday. I think they are cute!! The lady that sold them also has a website over here.

We had a nice and sunny weekend! I hung out in the back yard most of the time. I started reading The Da Vinci code by Dan Brown last Thursday. Actually, Zander wants to read it for a school assignment but I got intriged by the cover and started to read it first.

I also started to read Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I saw her at the Oprah show not so long ago and ordered her book (in English) through
So I finally started reading again! I wasn't in the mood and too restless to read for a long time!

And last but not least .... I treated myself on an online workshop from Jo-Anne at SIStv to get my scrapbook creativity flowing again. It starts this Wednesday and I think you can still sign in.
So I hope to show you some new scrapbook stuff soon.

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Birgit said...

Je tuin ziet er super gezellig uit Anniek!! Ik heb de Da Vinci Code ook gelezen en vond 'm echt geweldig!!