Friday, September 12, 2008

Book of me 2007

Finally finished the Book of me 2007 which I started a long time ago. It's made with cardboard and paperbags. I used Basic Grey Periphery, a Hambly and chipboard letters from Heidi Swapp.

I'm still working on the album I started last week. I followed the workshop of Jo-Anne at SIS tv and learned some cool new techniques!
We had to use a lot of vintage stuff so I went to see my mother. She gave me my birth announcement card and all the birthcards they received after my brother and I were born. She even kept a very cute first birthday card my brother received. She also gave me her Poesiealbum (that's a small book where family, friends and teachers can write poems in) with a lot of vintage images.

I also found the fabric my mother used for our cradle and a small piece of fabric of a pyjama she made for me. So, I have a lot to work with now!
I'm not sure though when I feel fit enough to finish the album. I'm feeling very tired at the moment. My muscles ache a lot and I feel down.
So when I read an article in a local paper about a new therapy I send in an e-mail and the therapist called me back right away to answer some of my questions.
I have tried many alternative therapies in the past to feel better but none of them really helped. So I have become a bit sceptical although I still believe in healing our body without the use of farmaceuticals. This therapist told me that about 80 to 90% of the people they treat got rid of their physical or mental problems. They started to give this therapy to other people because his wive also got rid of her issues when she followed this therapy and she also had tried lots of different treatments.
The therapy is called: Photonen Coherentie Therapie and you can find more information here. They also give you links with information in English.

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