Wednesday, July 02, 2008

R.I.P. Kuifje

This afternoon my chicken Kuifje died.

Yesterday, I already noticed that she was sitting a lot on the same spot and that she was shaking her head in a funny way. Her comb looked pale too.
I took some pictures of her because I felt she was going to die soon.

Last night when I made my tour around the house she was still sitting outside. Normally she always goes to the chickenhouse when it's getting dark. So, I put her in the chickenhouse myself.
This morning she hadn't left the chickenhouse yet at 10 o'clock. Untill today she was always up and about early in the morning, so I knew for sure that she was really sick. I also knew that she couldn't be saved anymore. So, when the sun started to shine on the chickenhouse I took her out and put her on a nice spot in the shade. I sat with her for a while, talking to her and patting her on the back. I left her alone for a while to finish some chores and when I came outside to check on her she was dead.
I buried her behind the gardenhouse, close to her 'sisters'.

This is the picture I took of her yesterday.


Lesli said...

I'm sorry for your loss :( - wonderful photo of her though!

M@risk@ said...

Thinking of the picture with the white paint on his comb, I'm sorry to hear this Anniek.