Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back home!!!

Arrived back home again yesterday afternoon after spending a week in Utrecht!! ALONE!!! I left Zander with his dad in Utrecht! He will be staying there for a couple of weeks. So for the first time since his birth I will have a long vacation! I really need it! I've had a rough year with my son, his school and his home program. Also don't forget the impact of the fibromyalgia!
I'm not sure yet what I will be going to do the next couple of weeks. One thing I do know: I want to clean up my scraproom and decorate the garden house.
I would love to go abroad (France or USA) but I don't want to go alone. So I probably will be staying at home. I don't mind!

When I was in Utrecht I went to the Paper&Pictures store in Doorn. I bought some nice stuff, some things I needed badly and also some new books and 2 Creating Keepsakes. Love the Dares book and the Donna Downey!!
So, I probably will scrapbook a lot for the next couple of weeks!! I also still like to make digi's at Scrapblog! I wasn't able to make a lot when I was in Utrecht but finished already 3 last night and this morning. I just love it more and more every day!!

Took some great photos when we went on a bike tour to Oud-Zuilen. It's a small village just outside of Utrecht and near Ad's house. There is this lovely castle: Slot Zuylen, where used to live Belle van Zuylen, also known as Madame de Charriere. She was one of the first (maybe even the first) Dutch female novelists (18th century).
If you want to see more of the castle click on: het slot and then the third thumbnail. Select a room from the floor-plan with the mouse. Click again for a large photo!

We also saw a stork on one of the chimneys of the castle and some swans with little ones nearby the castle. Aren't they cute?!

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Lesli said...

Your LO's are fabulous and the pictures are adorable!