Thursday, May 01, 2008

Some really 'old' paintings on my new painted bedroom wall.

Just want to show you some of the paintings I made about 18 years ago. Is it really that long?!!

I used NeoColor oil crayons and terpentine. The big painting in the middle is ofcourse a copy of one of Vincent van Goghs paintings! The one on the left is a copy of a Cezanne.
The one at the top on the right I made lying on a beach near Tossa de Mar (Spain) and the one at the bottom I made from a picture I took in Switzerland near the lake of Neuchatel.
I also altered the frames. First painted them dark blue and then painted them gold and while the paint was still wet whiped away some of the paint. If you click on the picture you can see better.
I love the new color on the wall of my bedroom. I had just let it paint on one wall, the other walls are painted cream.

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Ashley said...

Gorgeous colours here! Wow, the wall colour and paints are both so pretty. :)